Why is Saddleback Family & Urgent Care closing?

We have been deeply committed to serving our patients and the Orange County community for 40 years. Unfortunately, we will be closing our doors, with primary care service ending July 31 and urgent care ending August 14, 2023. Despite our best efforts, we can no longer sustain our services due to significant financial and operational challenges. This decision was not made lightly, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.  

It has been a privilege caring for you. Please know that we have greatly valued our relationship and wish you and your family the best of health.

When will the closure take place?

The last day of operation for Saddleback Family & Urgent Care will be August 31, 2023, but care services will end prior to this date. 

  • July 31 – last day of primary care services 
  • Aug 14 – last day for urgent care visits 
  • Aug 31 – last day to collect medical records in person 

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this transition. 

    How will this closure affect my ongoing medical care?

    We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our patients. Please consult with your health insurance provider to find a new in-network primary care provider and urgent care provider. 

    Google and other search engines are another great way to find options in your area and provide online reviews. Once you have selected a new medical provider, we are happy to assist you in transferring your medical records to your new provider to ensure that they have access to your medical history. 

    How can I get my medical records after the closure?

    All medical records are confidential and protected by federal privacy and security regulations. 

    With your authorization, a copy of your medical record(s) can be released to you or transferred to a physician. 

    You have a few options: 

    • You may pick up your medical record(s) at this practice before August 31, 2023; Please call our office at (949)452-7699 or email us at SBKMedicalRecords@vituity.com at least five business days in advance of your pickup date; or
    • You may have them sent to you or to a physician you designate. If you select this option, please include your current contact information or the name,practice address and fax number of that physician. Unless otherwise requested, records will be sent through secure email or fax.

    To help expedite the process, please complete and sign the medical record release form as soon as possible, but no later than August 31, 2023. Return the completed form to the clinic at 23962 Alicia Parkway, Suite I-1, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 or email it to SBKMedicalRecords@vituity.com. Our Team will need approximately 5 business days to retrieve and prepare the records.  

    After August 31, 2023, you may obtain a copy of your medical record(s) by contacting (657) 206-2561 and SBKMedicalRecords@vituity.com  

    What steps should I take to transfer my care to a new provider?

    To transfer your care to a new provider, we recommend the following steps: 

    1. Find a new primary care provider who meets your needs. Contact their office to check if they accept new patients and your insurance. 
    2. Contact our office to request the transfer of your medical records to the new provider. 
    3. Schedule an appointment with your new provider for a thorough review of your medical history and ongoing care. 
    4. Inform your insurance provider about the change of your primary care provider. 

    By following these steps, you can smoothly transition your care to a new provider. 

    It’s been a long time since I searched for a new provider, what should I look for?

    Finding a new doctor is a personal decision, so it’s best to do some research and contact the new clinic. In addition to checking with your insurance provider to ensure coverage, we encourage you to talk with family and friends and read online reviews. Once you have selected a potential provider, here is a list of some questions you might ask them:  

    • How do you involve patients in treatment decisions? 
    • What experience do you have with my condition/medical needs? 
    • How can I communicate with you outside of appointments? 
    • What is your availability and appointment scheduling process? 
    • How do you approach preventive care and wellness? 
    • What is your stance on alternative or complementary treatments? 
    • How do you coordinate care with other providers? 
      If I need prescription medications refilled, how can I do so?

      You are welcome to schedule an appointment with us before our closing and we can refill any prescriptions needed as appropriate.  

      We also encourage you to find a new primary care provider to ensure you continue to get the care you need. We can work with you and your new provider to transfer medical records, including prescription information.  

      Depending on your new provider’s policies, they may require an initial appointment before prescribing or refilling medications. If this is the case, schedule an appointment at the earliest convenience with your new care provider to discuss your medication needs. It is also a good idea to let your pharmacy know you have a new primary care doctor.  

      What can I expect if I have an upcoming appointment scheduled?

      If your appointment is scheduled prior to our closing on August 31, 2023, you can plan to see us as planned. We will inform you if there are any changes prior to your visit and you can expect to receive all the typical appointment reminders and confirmation. If you choose to transition your care prior to your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the time available to other patients.  

      If your appointment is after our closing date or needs to be rescheduled, we recommend that you review your healthcare options and complete a request for your medical records, so you can transition your care seamlessly. 

      What if I have further questions or concerns?

      Please call our clinic anytime at 949452-7699 before our closing on August 31. Our business hours are Mon – Fri 8am – 7pm and Sat, Sun & Holidays 8am – 5pm. We are happy to answer any questions.  

      Please call our clinic anytime at 949452-7699 before our closing on August 31. Our business hours are Mon – Fri 8am – 7pm and Sat, Sun & Holidays 8am – 5pm. We are happy to answer any questions.  

      23962 Alicia Parkway, Suite I-1
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