More ways to see a doctor.

Take the guesswork out of choosing your urgent care visit with our unique virtual check-in.

  1. Start your visit online, right now $
  2. Complete your registration virtually, skip the redundant paperwork.
  3. Choose a virtual visit or get a same- or next-day reservation! It’s our version of an express pass.

With our online reservations, we’ll let you know if your medical concern can be treated virtually or if you should go to the clinic. Then you decide what is most convenient and comfortable for you.

Please note: to start this service is only for urgent care. See services that require call-ahead appointments $

How to have a virtual visit in 3 steps:

Care from home is easy.

  1. Call or book online to schedule your virtual visit. Be sure to have your driver’s license and insurance card available.
  2. You will receive a text message with a link for your virtual visit.
  3. When it’s time for your virtual appointment, click the link provided and start your visit.

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What can be discussed with a virtual visit?

  • COVID-19 evaluation and testing options
  • Fever and flu
  • Sore throat, pink eye
  • Seasonal allergies and allergic reactions
  • Sinus and respiratory infections

In case of a medical emergency, always call 911 immediately.

Virtual Visits with our local providers: Many urgent issues can be treated with a virtual visit. What’s great about seeing a Saddleback Family & Urgent Care provider online is the fact that they are here, in your neighborhood. If for any reason you need labs or an in-person visit, it’s easy for us to accommodate you. And, our doctors are familiar with local pharmacies, specialists, therapists, and community resources.

Same-Day Reservations. Do your waiting from home: Once you register online, you’ll receive text message updates and have access to our live waiting list. You can even choose your best time of day to come into the clinic. When you arrive at the clinic, check-in with the press of a button – it’s that easy. We’ll get you in and out quickly and help put you on the road to recover.

Walk-ins are welcome: Always feel free to swing by. We work hard to keep our wait times down and provide you with a predictable experience. Drop-in and just let us know you’d like to see a doctor. We’re here to care for you.